Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon and Groot #5

You know what the best part about this Rocket Raccoon and Groot series is?

It's not afraid to get weird.

In the first couple of issues, Rocket was playing a sick joke on his tortured pal Groot.

Then we got some -- literal -- fantasy football between Rocket and Tony Stark. Seriously, if you missed No. 4 go buy it, read it and check out our review: Comic Review: Rocket Raccoon and Groot #4

The series continue its path into absurd randomness as we go from Rocket and Groot's "Facation" (Fake Vacation) to them being taken hostage by viking, tree-worshiping lifeforms.

We open with Rocket praising Groot for his stellar taste in fruity alcoholic drinks but rags on his buddy for his poor taste in reading material. All of this takes place inside of the guy's "Vacatiocube." 

The art from Jay Fosgitt fits right in with the tone of the story. It's fun, it's all over the place and it effectively takes full advantage of the insane story premise from Skottie Young. Jean-Francois Beaulieu's colors bring the book all together, though. 

Everything thing about this book from its full-page panel to it's quick-moving plot just pops off the page. From Rocket's beady red eyes to Gunhild and the Elmhold Clan's blue skin and interesting apparel. 

Young's grip on Rocket and Groot doesn't need to be praised anymore, but my goodness these off-the-wall arcs (if you will) are perfect. It never takes itself too serious, but it still gives us a clear look into these two's tight-knit bond. 

Out of everything, I love the way these issues have started. Rocket being a weirdo standing on Groot telling the duo's tales to a group of Boy Scouts. It's funny and effective in the sense that it catches you up while making you laugh all at the same time. (see below)

Rating: 7/10 Another wacky, off-the-wall story from Skottie Young with some plain, straight up fun art and colors. If you like giggling and reducing stress, this book is for you.