Comic Review: Renato Jones - the One% #1

Believe it or not, but Renato Jones marks Kaare Andrews first official foray into mainstream creator-owned publishing, and you can tell right off the bat how much he's invested in this project: the cover alone is brazen, bright, and impactful. 

And then the story starts, and the gorgeous art is such a dramatic gear change you can't disengage. That is the beauty of an unbridled Andrews. 

Renato Jones takes a storyline -- attacking the upper echelon of the wealthiest of wealthy -- that works seamlessly into today's divisive political scene, and he combines that with his edgy storytelling sensibilities (Spider-Man: Reign, Iron Fist). Andrews takes pride in the fact that he can manipulate the medium as an artist, with stark spreads and Silver Age aesthetics, ushering in a visual feast that can't be compared to any other book currently on the shelves. 

One can write a thesis on the things Andrews does artistically in this book: He has flashbacks in graphic black & white. His beautifully rendered colors make living the high life seem alternatingly gorgeous and terrifying. And as he's proven throughout his career, the man is able to convey limitless energy in a fight scene. 

His physicality is peerlessly done - every body type unique, every motion frenetic, every facial expression unfolding before your eyes. Andrews could have made this book wordless, and every emotion, every scene, would have been succinctly conveyed. 

But enough about the art (which was penciled, inked, and colored by Andrews), let's get to the story. 

Again, this is the tale of the oppressed fighting back against the oppressors, embodied by Renato Jones himself, a man with a dual nature and an exact plan. There are no prisoners in this story, as the elite are annihilated beyond redemption. And yet, there is closure provided for the innocents after the chaos of a one-man war. Everything that happens is...fulfilling. This is a Robin Hood story for a generation that's sick of being trodden down. 

Renato Jones: the One% is shaping up to be a masterpiece, the fulfillment of Andrews' unencumbered vision through his immense talent, all without the shackles of continuity and editorial interference. 

The Lowdown: This book gets an enthusiastic 10 out of 10 rich people punches. 

This is a completely gratifying ride with one of the best creators in the industry, tackling a topic that is red-hot right now. I cannot wait to see where this story is heading.