Comic Review: Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1

There is something really special about a Green Lantern story at its core. The personality, the varying stories, the hope, the fear; all of these issues are relateable and all of these issues are what makes these lanterns heroes.

In the end, courage always takes down fear. 

While we don't see our two new rookies overcome fear or even begin to comprehend it, we see and feel their potential thanks to Hal Jordan. Each Lantern is chosen for a reason and Hal believes in these two. 

He shows it in such an unwavering, heroic way that it makes the fans believe this, too. 

Our close personal friend Sam Humphries wrote this book with help from our hopeful soon to be close personal friend, Geoff Johns.  Ethan Van Sciver, Ed Benes and Jason Wright did the art for this book, which looked and felt just like the original EVS and Johns GL Rebirth. 

Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are Sector 2814's fifth and sixth lanterns, and this story isn't about how that came to be but it was about showing us the confusion that comes along with being selected. For Baz and Cruz, it's fun watching them use powers they don't understand in the least bit. 

Hal sets them up on a test and while they fail miserably, he still stacks the odds against them after dropping the ball. He takes one of their power lanterns so that they can only use one together, "not as a punishment, but a exercise."

This is an assignment from on high, and from on high, I mean Hal Jordan, the hotshot pilot who has more of a sense of humor than anyone thinks, and he’s trolling the whole DCU by placing the security of Earth in the hands of two rookie Green Lanterns who do not like or trust each other. Ya got Jordan’d, everyone!
— Sam Humphries to Comics Alliance

The art is spot on, the story moves at a pace that keeps both Baz, who lives in Dearborn, Michigan, and Cruz at the heart of the story while giving us Hal without him hogging the reader's attention. What more can you ask from a first issue? 

It's fun, it's introspective and it's pretty as hell. We also get a nice little tease of Earth's newest protectors challenge: Red Dawn!

Rating: 8.5/10 While Simon Baz is not at level of development where Cruz is, Humphries and Johns gave us a peak at a character just starting to blossom. Green Lanterns: Rebirth is a must-own for classic fans of Sector 2814.