Comic Review: Titans: Rebirth #1

Raise your hands if this is the Titan book you've wanted all along!

I see that everyone who has touched a comic has raised their hands.

Good.  We're on the same page.

Titans: Rebirth pick up where DC Universe:Rebirth and The Flash: Rebirth left off, with our personal homecoming king Wally West coming back to the Team formerly known as Teen.  Ten years have past, and thanks to some general mindscrewery, his teammates remember nothing about him, attacking him as he breaks into their home.  Luckily, the Flash Force does some pretty interesting and convenient electroshock therapy, and one by one, Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Roy Harper, Lilith Clay, and Garth regain their lost memories, and the book goes from a potentially heartbreaking battle to a warm cinnamon roll story of feels.

Dan Abnett knows how to write a book that tugs at the heartstrings and makes you feel like you're coming home.  This whole book just gave me the warm fuzzies, and will probably do the same for most readers; he manages to give just enough backstory to the current events to make the reader understand why this reunion is so important, without dragging down the pace of the book.  In various flashbacks, he manages to paint a portrait of each of the Titans, their personalities and struggles and their relationship with Wally, in vivid, wonderful detail.

I personally highly enjoy Brett Booth's art style; mildly reminiscent of some of the comics I grew up with in style while still looking modern, the details rich and sharp, the composition of every single panel perfectly balanced.  There's a two-page spread with the memory-less Titans converging to take out Wally that's particularly well-done.

One of my favorite parts, though, is the coloring by Andrew Dalhouse, done in a way to really set up where the reader is in the story.  The plot, the action, is all done in cool, muted colors, while the flashbacks, the bits of Wally's memories with his team, are warm and bright and inviting, lending a happy shot through the book's otherwise dark overtone, with the final panel showing Wally framed by the light of dawn, a clear symbol of a brighter future now that our heroes are united.

Overall, I give it a 10/10, possibly the best Rebirth book I've read thus far.  This is a book to feel good about, and a book that gives us hope for an amazing arc from DC.