Comic Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 variant cover by Goni Montes

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 variant cover by Goni Montes

Eventually, I am gonna need to write Kyle Higgins and BOOM! a thank you letter. 

This MMPR series has been everything I could have wished for, so far. Higgins has taken the time to dive beyond the surface of Power Rangers mythos and into the personalities of our teenage heroes. MMPR #4 features some great action and battle sequences from Hendry Prasetya on the art and Matt Herms on the colors to be sure, but the interaction between the Rangers when the helmets are off?

That's where Kyle Higgins really gets to shine. 

The issue opens with Scorpina piloting the Dragonzord towards the city. As the Rangers freak out, because HOW IS SHE EVEN DOING THAT, they deduce that it is time to get out and put a stop to it. After giving Tommy specific orders to stay behind, the team heads out.

This page from Prasetya and Herms might be one of my favorite complete pages of 2016:

This. More of this. All the time. 

This. More of this. All the time. 

Just take a minute to bask in that glory. Go ahead, soak it in. THE ZORDS EYES GAZE INTO YOUR SOUL AND SEE IF YOU ARE WORTHY!! 

The battle commences and, of course, Tommy goes rogue like Palin. What happens from there ... well, you need to go buy the freaking book to find out. But, I will say Higgins sets the tone for the series in the following pages AFTER the battle ends. That, to me, is the true sign of great writing. While there was a great 2 Zord battle with an in-Zord fight scene AND a giant shark monster. The moments in the command center are what really stand out. 

Could the green chaos energy Rita so covets be a factor?

ABSOLUTELY, but much like with the real world, all conflicts spring from some truth and in this case, are magnified by the mystical forces at play. Higgins does an incredible job giving depth to Zack in this issue, which is fitting with the bossy variant cover featuring our Black Ranger from Goni Montes. Kyle Higgins has done a masterful job crafting a book that's both engaging and exciting. 

Now, Higgins couldn't have done all of this without outstanding art to keep your eyes engaged courtesy of the aforementioned art and color duo of Prasetya and Herms respectively. Prasetya crafts one moment where the Red Ranger is clearly hesitating and even with the helmet on, it comes across perfectly. The battle scenes and the panel layout are wonderful and Herms matches the energy perfectly with his colors. 

The added bonus of this book is, as always, The Ongoing Adventures of Bulk and Skull. Steve Orlando continues to take us on an entertaining adventure with Angel Grove's loveable losers with the help of Corin Howell on art and Jeremy Lawson on colors. Their depiction of our female heroines battling putties without morphing is priceless.

This is a gem to get each issue alongside an already stellar book. 

MMPR #4 Standard Cover. Still freaking awesome. 

MMPR #4 Standard Cover. Still freaking awesome. 

FINAL RATING: 9/10 Dragon Daggers

Higgins and company take us deeper inside the Power Rangers as human beings all while crafting a fantastic story. The ending will leave you begging for the next issue but then keep you happy with Bulk and Skull. One of my favorite books to pull every month because it's fun, fast paced and doesn't let me down.