Comic Review: Skottie Young's last ride on Rocket Raccoon and Groot #6

A world without Skottie Young and Rocket Raccoon is a world I'm not sure I'm ready for. 

After two years or so on Rocket and six issues on Rocket and Groot, Young will depart as writer, sometimes artist. No word on cover art, as this dude seems to do every variant there is (in a good way). 

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This series has been often overlooked by people for the first six issues. People complaining about there being too many Deadpool books or Marvel's direction haven't even given this book a thought. 

This is solid storytelling, as firm a grip on its characters as you will find and it added a stronger bond between Rocket and Groot. This is a true look at their friendship without the movie world dictating the direction. 

So, what's up with Skottie? 

With I Hate Fairyland, covers and a new project i’ll mention later in this long ass post, something had to give,” Young wrote. “And while I love that little furry fool and his big barky pal, I feel that I did a lot of what I set out to do with them. So it felt like a natural time to hop off.”

”So, now what? I’m writing and drawing I Hate Fairyland at Image and that is my main focus on the comic front.

Issue No. 6 follows along with the rest of the series. It's off the wall, off the rails but it somehow stays on track. That sentence won't make sense to you until you buy these goddamn books and read them. 

Brett Bean took over on the art on this issue and did a great job capturing Rocket and Groot trying to one up each other in literally every bar game. They get drunk, make Vin Diesel jokes. It's fun. 

It's a blast and I'm sad to see Skottie leave, but it almost feels like its time. Through six issues, we've seen Rocket play the most insane, sick prank on Groot, an episode dedicated entirely to Tony Stark and Rocket playing -- literal -- fantasy football and more ensuing insanity. 

I've been along for the entire ride, you can check those reviews out if you need any reason to look for the trade paperback:

Rating: 7.5/10 Skottie's last on the series goes out in a friendly struggle between Rocket and Groot. If you failed to keep up on this series, look out for the trade paperback. It's a fun wacky ride that did some great things for this Fur Baby and his Barky Friend.