Comic Review: Deadpool and The Mercs For Money #1

Wade Wilson refuses to let us let him go. There are approximately three thousand Deadpool and DP related comics out there, but that's not enough. Tremendous movie aside, many in the comic community have moved on from the foul mouthed murder for hire. It is better to just let him live in the continuity until such a day comes when we can be free of him yet again. Then in a couple years complain that he isn't around anymore and that the industry doesn't listen to it's fans.

The circle jerk of comic life continues.

Wade Wilson has often tried living life on the strait and narrow. It's a common trope. He tries, he fails, except when he doesn't, but realizes this hero stuff just aint for him and he moves on. Now he's trying to run a gun's for hire operation and his paranoia is beginning to get the better of him. So he seeks out advice from one of his close friends, Domino.

Yah Dom, and that's the problem.

Turn's out Dom doesn't really have any advice, go figure, and DP and his crew have to carry out their next mission. They are apprehending special individuals who are a danger to themselves or others. That at least what the A.I.M. looking guys in radiation suites keep telling DP while they pay him and his crew for their services. This next target though turns out to be none other than Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

In this iteration she seems to have the power of prescience, telekinesis, telepathy, and some super sweet Taekwondo. She seems to be able to project hard light images or at least make people think they see something that isn't really there. It seems like her whole life, even the person she is having a conversation with on the phone, is a pretend world. This world gets interrupted by DP's crew and she makes quick work dispatching each one of these C-list mercs with little effort.

I can't imagine Wade really saying these words...

That is until she reaches DP. She looks into his future and sees him trying to help her even though the world around him and her are destroyed. She surrenders herself to him and his crew and he takes her to his afore mentioned employees. As she is being led away she sees her own horrible future. This is where we are left hanging.

Scuse me, my brain is a bit itchy.

I'm not going to mince words. I really didn't care for this comic. It's not that the artwork is bad: Iban Coello is fantastic and has been responsible for some of my favorite Earth 2 stuff from DC. It's not that the writing and dialog is bad; Cullen Bunn is one of my favorite writers. It's not that Wade Wilson trying to be good and making a mess of it is anything new. It's a formula that's well established. It's not even that the cast of characters are bad either. I kind of like Masacre and Foolkiller. I'm even glad that we got Negasonic Teenage Warhead in a comic. The problem is, I feel we all know this story because we've been down this road so many times before. That has less to do with the writers execution and more to do with the nature of the protagonist. 

In the end, I will hold out hope that this run will surprise me and help divert me from Civil War II continuity. Maybe I will be surprised next month. It might just be better to wait for the TP for this DP comic though. 

Rating: 7/10 Chimichanga Layers