Comic Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5


 "Who's got it better than us? NOBODY!"

This phrase is a favorite of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh, but it could just as easily apply to fans of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Bryan Cranston as Zordon, the stills from the new movie look incredible and this book continues to deliver month after month in surprising and fun ways.  

Writer Kyle Higgins is joined by artist Thony Silas, his partner on Batman Beyond 2.0. The familiarity between the two creators is shown off in this issue as Silas plays well with the script. 

We're taken back in time for this issue with the spotlight on Zack. The monster of the month really impressed as it was one of Rita's early works and was hilariously spouted off in Italian. Silas does great work on the big battle scenes while still getting the intense conversation moments to really pop. 

Zack has some great character moments in this issue with the Rangers, Rita and Zordon. It's part of what has made Higgins take on the teen heroes so enjoyable. Rather than mashing the kids an idea of what adults think teens are, he shows the maturity and depth of his cast.

It's like great directing in film, Higgins is getting the most out of this cast. 


Greg Smallwood variant cover

Greg Smallwood variant cover


Higgins and Silas deliver a compelling back story and character development for our Black Ranger that also informa our larger plot. A well done issue in a well done series.