Comic Review: Red Hood and The Outlaws Rebirth

Thirty three years of Jason Todd history is very much a known quantity; especially after being the main antagonist in Arkham Knight. He has been at the forefront of Bat-Family some time now. But this is Rebirth, and we need to tread in well established continuity, so buckle up as I quickly breakdown Red Hood's newest opus. 

Crowbars.... EVERYWHERE.

Before getting to the current day, Jason Todd - Red Hood, narrates the past three decades of his involvements in comics. Street urchin to Robin, Robin to Joker's crowbar cushion, Dead crowbar cushion to vigilante Red Hood. The not so nostalgic trip through memory lane is broken up by the current day. Red Hood wants to have a word with the mayor of Gotham.

God, this scene is gorgeous.

Enter Batman. He tries to stop Red Hood from killing the mayor, even quipping that Jason can't beat him in a fair fight. That's why Red Hood cheats, and shocks his former mentor to the ground. He doesn't gloat, he just does what he came to do.

Assassination? He prolly had it coming.

The curtain gets pulled back just a scant page later when we find out that Jason didn't kill the mayor. No. He saved his life by shooting him in the head... with medicine. 

Bruce Wayne has trust issues? No! Say it aint so?

Red Hood then breaks down his plan to get inside of Black Mask's organization. Batman is less taken with the idea. Bruce leaves Jason with a warning; if he kills somebody, he's coming after him. 

Damn right your Dick! Your ass isn't nearly spherical enough.

Cut to the chase. The story that Lobdell is telling doesn't seem to terribly different from the one that is being told by Tim Seeley in Nightwing. Former Robin infiltrates evil orginization that operates outside the law (sounds a bit Grayson like too) and is essentially on their own. They will both play by "their own rules." The only difference is that Red Hood will murder some fools and Grayson will try to stop to save a cat stuck in a tree. 

I'm not really complaining though. The art is gorgeous. Keeping Dexter Soy on as artist after Red Hood/Arsenal is the right call. He gets how to portray the intense and inevitable action that will take place. Adding Veronica Gandini's hand at colors fits perfectly; which makes sense because they had previous collaboration on Justice League Beyond. This is a comic that you revisit to look at because of their attention to detail.

Here is the main take away. This issue isn't ground breaking mainly due to the fact that half the book is spent on the history of Jason Todd. But this series will be great. The new Outlaws will be comprised of Artemis and Bizzaro! Common! That's going to be crazy. After Arsenal and Starfire banged themselves away from Jason, The Outlaws have been waiting to get a truly crazy revamp. This is it! Dark Trinity! It's going to be rad!

Wait... Jason is going to kill somebody and Batman is going to come after him... again.

It will be awesome.

Rating: 7.5/10 Antidotes Delivered By Bullet