Comic Review: Moon Knight #4

Cover by Greg Smallwood

Cover by Greg Smallwood

I feel like each new issue of Moon Knight should come with a bag of shrooms when you purchase it. Not that I'm advocating drug use here, I'm just saying this book is trippy as balls, man. 

Jeff Lemire is keeping the reader on its toes with his opening bars of this Moon Knight tale. Up is down, black is white, white is white and Marc Spector is fully embracing Mr. Knight. 

Moon Knight #4 opens with the Moon Squad rolling out into what they think is New York City.

Is it? Isn't it?

I seriously have no freaking clue. A cop is a gator headed god who wants to eat Mr. Knight and then poop him out at the feet of another god? Rain is sand? The confusion is what keeps me coming back for more. Khonshou PUSHING Moon Knight is what keeps me coming back for more. Marlene and Marc is what keeps me coming back for more.

Oh and dat art doe. DAT ART DOE. 

Things I love the most about this page: The open white panel, the expressions on Moon Knight's face and the way the white of his suit and mask blend together. The open white panel has been something Greg Smallwood and Jordie Bellaire have used exceedingly well in this series. This pair could draw and color paint drying and I would buy the book for $5 monthly. Maybe even bi-monthly, depending on the color of the paint. 

I sincerely wish I could describe more of this book to you, I really do, but more than anything I don't want to give away too much of it. Lemire, Smallwood and Bellaire have me hanging on every panel. The last time I was this confused while being totally into something was at Rothbury Festival in 2008. And that was a real good time ...

The twist at the end of this issue is what will REALLY throw your brain into a blender. Ya know. Even more than a cop with an alligator head. 

FINAL RATING: 9/10 WTF Moments

Lemire, Smallwood and Bellaire are on to something great. If you like your mystery with a side of mysticism or you just like great art with a trippy story, get on Moon Knight now.