Comic Review: Future Quest #2

Well, Doc Shaner was not joking when he said he was going to go all-in on Space Ghost's chin.

As soon as we get that first glorious shot of Space Ghost, the wait from the first to the second issue immediately became well worth it; Shaner's illustrations and Jordie Bellaire's colors add to the aura of the backstory of Space Ghost, Birdman's Sun God origins and the Quest crew. 

I feel like I say this about everyone Bellaire works with, but here it goes again: 


There is something that just jumps off the page, looks the reader in the eyes and says,  "Pay attention - this is important."  Additionally, the attention to brightness is immaculate when Space Ghost slips through the portal to earth. 

While the art team provides a fantastic, rock-solid and innovative foundation, Jeff Parker's combination of vintage adventure tale mixed with science fiction greatly stands out in this issue. He, much like Shaner, makes the simple things attention-worthy. 

Doc dominates facial expressions, settings, and movement, while Parker shows that he knows when exactly we need to either move forward in time or simply move on with a scene.

This is a book -- and I hate using this -- that just flows so damn smoothly. There is a layer of mystery as to what the hell is going on with Birdman, Quest and Space Ghost, not to mention what they've left behind, that is somehow not distracting. 

I hope that speaks for itself.

Rating: 9/10 Don't scoff at this or any other Hanna-Barbera revamps, because these are original stories that capture the spirit of the past. I can't think of a better trio I'd like to see conjoined at the hip other than Parker, Shaner and Bellaire.