Comic Review: Lady Killer 2 #1

There is something special in watching a character balance a cliched life as a housewife, Tupperware saleswoman and cold-blooded killer. 

This book from Dark Horse Comics released Aug. 3. Don't worry about being late, jump on this series and treat yo' self if you missed it like me when it first released. 

Joelle Jones proves how truly talented she truly is as she writes one hell of a perplexing character in Josie Schuller while handling the art duties. She pulls double-duty on writing and art, with Michelle Madsen on colors. 

The art in this book in unbelievable. The jumps between the different Josie's is shown -- and told -- in such an impressive manner. Jones has crafted a character that has perfected the art of putting on a smiling, "normal" face while busting out demonic looks the second she turns her back on whoever she's in the room with. 

Look at this page below to get a grip on what I'm talking about:

Look at the perfect shift from dark mysterious tones to bright. fake smiles between when Josie is facing the world and vice versa. The red dress + yellow apron captures the idea of assassin 1950s housewife amazingly. 

If you can't tell by now, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. 

We've got an enigmatic of sorts main character who balances life as mother, wife and self-employed murder machine. Jones has fit in everything from intense violence, chin-scratching mystery and some dark ass comedy. 

There is something special about making a reader applaud the murder of an old lady at a Tupperware party while she's going to the bathroom. This lady was a stereotypical, nail up the asshole 1950s old bag. 

Talking crap about Josie showing her face after being divorced and having "no shame" before she gets the back-end of a a hammer to the dome.  

Rating: 9.5/10 The toughest part of this review was whether to praise Joelle Jones' writing or art to the moon. Well, I did both. Go grab this book that takes deranged 1950s housewife to another level.