Comic Review: Batgirl #2

We're quite a ways from Burnside in Batgirl #2 from writer Hope Larson, artist Rafael Albuquerque and Dave McCaig on colors. 

It's a different setting, different supporting characters, but, it's the same Babs (that's a good thing!). We have a new, mysterious, love interest which poises the question if Barbara has bad luck or just a taste for trouble. 

Larson's Batgirl has been a strong start as she takes us away from anything reminiscent of the New 52 series. Instead of taking on a set of new bad guys, we get Barbara going on a date at a fancy hotel with Kai, training at a gym in Singapore and, of course, fighting in a MMA match against The Moth. 

Barbara's first foray into the Octagon end in spectacularly, classic Babs fashion. 

The writing was strong, I enjoyed the story not forcing new enemies and giving us a chance to really learn about Rebirth's Batgirl. 

Albuquerque's art is strong as Batgirl looks best when in costume and cowl on, when she's out of her suit hanging around I feel like her face is somewhat inconsistent but nothing terrible. There were just a couple panels where you kind of stop and go, "hey, that's different that it was a page ago." 

Other than that, no complaints at all. The fighting scenes are fun, clean and exploding with color. Albuquerque does fantastic job in showing Batgirl's methodology breaking down a crime scene and into her memory. 

Like, those are fun. Well done, and a perfect capturing of this character. Albuquerque knocks it out in these scenes. 

Rating 8/10 Another strong move forward for Batgirl in its second issue under Hope Larson and Rafael Albuquerque. She's away from Burnside, in another country and as far as away from the New 52.