Comic Review: Animosity #1

I'll be honest; I have a hard time with the idea of having a pet outside of fish. If I were more of a pet person, I'd be a dog person. Had one when I was growing up. Cried when she had to be put to sleep. I respect pets, pet owners, and animals in general; but that respect tends to also end at my dinner plate. I usually dismiss this slight cognitive dissonance with the rationalization that homo sapiens evolved as omnivores: a trait that has helped make us the most apex of predators.

Yup... I will.

But what if that was no longer the case? What if animals became self aware and verbal? What if they gained some kind of collective knowledge as to the state of their existence? What if they turned against humanity? Could humanity survive?

"Of course we could," is the answer to this silly question, but it's not the fun answer. For the fun answer we have Animosity from Aftershock Comics.

I'm 90% sure any man that beats his wife can choke a cat... especially one that warns him.

In this first issue, we get allot of amazing establishing shots. Animals all over the planet reacting to their "Wake"ness. Some threaten their owners. Some murder their owners. Some love their owners. Some REALLY love their owners. Some hate the fact their still alive. Sloths seem to hate their sloths.

The old murder/suicide. Pandas where trying to go extinct.

The protagonist of this story is a blood hound named Sandor. His owner is a little girl named Jesse. They live with her mom and dad in a high rise in New York. When the "Wake" hits Sandor, he professes his love for little Jesse. Their world is thrown in turmoil however, when her father arrives home spouting about how raccoons are running down people in police cars. Sandor and the tabby from upstairs start leading their owners to the roof.

 I guess talking pets can be convincing.

Jesse gets knocked off by some damn pigeons and Sandor leaps to her rescue. They crash through a window of the next building where a tiger is eating the remains of her former owner. She makes a grand speech trying to sway Sandor from protecting his human. Sandor is unswayed and defends Jesse by using a katana to stab the ferocious feline through the chest.

And don't get me started about the low quality Trump steaks he feeds me.

So, I know what your thinking. This kinda feels like M. Night Shamalamadingdong's The Happening, doesn't it? 

Eh, kinda, but super funny and a bit less preachy. 

Marquerite Bennett has got an interesting story here. She earned my trust with Renew Your Vows and I'll follow her down this wacky road. It really helps that she has Rafael de Latorre doing the pencils and amazing colorist Rob Schwager making everything pretty. Each page, each panel, each character (human or animal) is rendered in amazing detail and is super life like... I mean, as life like as pandas with shot guns can be. 

So this comic might be derivative, but who cares? It's allot of fun and I may even learn a lesson from all of this.

Rating: 8/10 Octopuses With Kitchen Knives