Comic Review : Batgirl #1

All right, now this is what I needed to see after being letdown by the first Birds of Prey in DC's Rebirth titles. 

Writer's note: With DC putting out books at this insane, frenetic and smothering pace, we're going to fall behind at times. Not to lift the meat curtain up too much, but we here at the Court of Nerds don't have a staff of 20 writers, yet. 

Thank goodness for writers like Gail Simone. She takes over a Barbara Gordon character who is out of the wheelchair and is coming off of one of the more underrated runs (New 52) that I can remember. It comes at a perfect time, as the Batgirl character was on the short-end of the damsel in distress stick in DC's Animated "The Killing Joke." 

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The years of work put into the resurrection of Babs did not fall to the wayside with Simone's first Rebirth issue. Babs is a zany 20-something and Simone played right into the strengths of this character that were laid out by the New 52 folks. 

She's jet-setting across the world, can't forget about Burnside and randomly moves in with a childhood friend, who just so happens to be an insane activist. 


The more people you put Barbara around that make her deliver facial expressions like these all the better: 

I'm back in my happy place. Reading, taking in a book that features an artist who just absolutely nails Barbara Gordon's Batgirl. Artist Ardian Syaf is such an awesome addition to this series. Syaf had the unenviable task of following up Babs Tarr and others, who arguably defined this character, and just picked the ball up and ran with it.

His attention to detail, perfect capturing of Babs' facial expressions and the way she breaks down a scene like a master detective made me ship so damn hard. 

Rating: 8.5/10 Gail Simone and Ardian Syaf pick me up when I am down. One thing is clear, Barbara Gordon's Batgirl is safe in the hands of Simone and Syaf. Read this book.