Comic Review: The Flash #6

Writer Joshua Williamson's sixth issue of The Flash in DC Comics' Rebirth undoubtedly is a change in tone and emotion, but the damn thing refuses to skip a beat. 

Barry's happy-go-lucky, optimistic demeanor is gone, and in its place is this bearded, angry, secluded version of himself. Godspeed has killed some of his underlings, and his newfound love interest has vanished without a trace. 

He, once again, feels defeated and completely responsible for the tragedies going down in Central City. 

Williamson rips the band-aid off with perfection as the story organically fades into this newly defeated Barry. Without spoiling who Godspeed is, I will say this (because, I think it will sell you on this book), the way Godspeed tells Barry that death is the only thing that gets him out of bed in the morning is goddamn brilliant. 

The Flash claims to do what he does for justice, and not revenge, but here he is one more time on a crusade to take down the person responsible for harming things he loves. 

Godspeed accuses Barry of doing what he does based solely on vengeance, and not because he's a pure person who cares for the betterment of others. 

We step away from the Speed Force nerdery mythos type of story, but it's completely worth it. 

As for the art, WELCOME BACK Carmine Di Giandomenico. The fantastic work continues, as this angry, bearded Barry Allen is portrayed in a highly-emotional way.  

Seriously, has anyone brought the speed force to life more effectively than Di Giandomenico? Everything feels frantic and unpredictable, just as it should. The colors pop, the pencils fit the tone and character to a T. 

I'm in love with this series. 

Rating: 8/10 It's another strong issue for Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico with The Flash No. 6. Angry, secluded Barry is back and this issue screams with an identity crisis. Also, holy cliffhanger!