Comic Review: Ringside #7

It must be my birthday or something. Why you ask?

Because Ringside, from Image Comics, is back on the shelves with issue seven. Joe Keatinge serves as the writer, with Nick Barber and Simon Gough on art and Sandra Lanz on covers. 

I wrote about the trade paperback covering the first six issues back in July, which I recommend if you need any more convincing in hopping this series that follows two professional wrestlers at very different parts of their career:

Graphic Recommendation: Ringside Vol. 1: Kayfabe

As a lifelong wrestling nerd, I feel for the characters featured in this book. The mind games, kiss-ass and realistic backstage and industry vibes feels so damn right. 

We take a sharp turn in the lives of our characters in the kick-off issue of part two. 

Davis is sent down to developmental to train the assumed up-and-coming talent, which shows us a veteran wrestler living in a shitty studio apartment with a mattress and a blanket all by his lonesome. 

Even without his mentor, Reynolds shows that was listening to Davis on all those long road-trips. He is teaching a new-comer to keep his mouth shut backstage and even finds himself nudging up the ladder, if you will. 

He is also learning that it pays who you know ... SPOILER-FREE TWIST MENTION.  

The art from Gough and Barber does a great job of making the tone of the story just pop off the page. Whether hiding us from seeing Davis' humble abode or sucking us into that end-of-the-issue teaser. 

This book will feel at home to wrestling fans, but carries enough weight to keep non-wrestling fans sucked into each issue. 

Rating: 7.5/10 It's fun to see these characters tackle much different issues in the kick-off issue of part two. Ringside from Image is an absolutely dream for wrestling fans, and carries itself well-enough to find readers across the spectrum. It's worth picking up for its story-telling and obvious attention to subject matter.