Comic Review: Seven To Eternity #1

Rick Remender, you know all the keys to my heart ... and wallet. 


I picked up Seven To Eternity initially just off the cover art as it looks like the cover straight from a classic fantasy novel, and I loved everything about it.

Then I saw the names Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña, and bought it. 

Now, I just want this to be a movie.

The story Remender and Opeña are setting up here has all the elements of my favorite fantasy stories - an epic scope, magic, honor, creatures, outcasts and a grizzled protagonist who has the world turned against him. Adam Osidis, our troubled lead, has a touch of Mal Reynolds, a dash of Clint Eastwood and a hint of Peter Quill to him while being something wholly unique at the same time. 

Remender draws you into this world and bless Image Comics for not interrupting that journey with ads of any kind. This book is miraculously 100% BOOK. As an added treat for those like me enamored by the creative process, Rick included his playlist that he listened to while writing this issue. It included some of my personal favorites like Ratatat, Kendrick Lamar. TV on the Radio and even Sufjan Stevens. It added a personal connection to the book for me. 

Not to be outdone, Jerome Opeña includes some page from his sketchbook! $4 for this book is insane. Opeña really outdoes himself here. The detail, the creature design, the world itself ... stunning. 


Add in some truly incredible work on colors by Matt Hollingsworth, and this issue shows incredible promise for the rest of the series. I'm intrigued by so much here and this story has me wishing this was an old fantasy novel with a few hundred pages. 

Gotta make sure to mention, Rus Wooton does a killer job with the lettering in this book. Really stands out and that's a very good thing. 

FINAL RATING: 10  /10 Mud Kings

Already adding Seven To Eternity to my pull list. Remender is incredible and teaming him back up with Opeña is perfect for this book. Really stands out among the crowded shelves. A must read.