Comic Review: Trinity #1

Sometimes we all need a little refresher. At the start of every Game of Thrones episode we get a little replay of prior events that will have relevance in the following story. But, man o man, I'm getting tired of having to be reintroduced to things which I was just reintroduced to. Don't get me wrong, I have loved the majority of Rebirth, but Trinity #1 doesn't really give us... anything. 

I get ahead of myself. This is your SPOILER WARNING... unless that is if you read any Superman comics at all in the past two 3 months. So I will keep the synopsis brief.


Lois calls Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince over to have dinner.

Bruce Wayne doesn't go to dinner in a Tux? oh, you meant a heartfelt gesture of kindness. 

Whew. That's it. Glad I could make it through that. 

OK, so maybe a little bit more goes on. Clark recalls a time when his Earth's Batman wore a rainbow batsuit to save Robin, which got a laugh from everyone except Bruce. Diana has a heart to heart with Lois explaining how one of her oldest friends, Tigra, is now an enemy and she needs to learn how to start over. Bruce gets blasted with Jon's heat vision... good times.

ooooh right in the batawang

This book is humorously and lovingly written by Francis Manapul whose an old hat at the Batman/Superman relationship. It's also illustrated by him as well. The entire book is a set up to get the Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman to work hand in hand again... even though it is a new Superman that they have to deal with. It just feels a bit drawn out. We've already had much of this exposition and I'm not sure it was really required. Good thing Manapul has the pencil and ink skills to make the panels interesting where the narrative doesn't. 

In the end, I guess we did "need" this #1 to start us off on what ever adventures the "Trinity" will uncover. I feel that it could have been done in 4 pages, though, and not 17. We would have at least have got to see what was hiding in Clark's barn. This book is trading on my faith that the series will be great at some point, not on what it has given me thus far.

Rating 7/10 Building A Wall References