Comic Review: Batman #7 (by Steve Orlando AND Tom King)

Two Court of Nerds favorites, and close personal friends, Steve Orlando and Tom King teamed up to write the long-awaited, weird, wacky and different Batman #7 "Night of the Monster Men."

In fact, Steve Orlando will join the crew at Detective Comics, as well as Batman #8, to finish out the Night of the Monster Men arc. 

We've got Batman, Batwoman, Nightwing and tons of homages to old-school scary movies, ALL WHILE beginning to tie everything back to the big one-shot DC Universe Rebirth. Yeah, that's right, it's starting to happen. 

Also, a crossover that doesn't make you want to burn things in the streets; a big win-win. 

In Batman #7, Hugo Strange has suck his creations on Gotham which pits Batman and Co. against an unimaginable, terrifying collection of enemies. Orlando and King handle the large cast well, which sends out good vibes for the connected Detective Comics storylines. 

Let's talk about the art from Riley Rossmo. 

What a perfect fit. He matches this tone of the somewhat exaggerated personality of Batman and the story focuses on men taking on monsters. The rooftop scenes with our three heroes are done so well, that it almost makes you turn the page without reading the dialogue.

It's things like rain that get oft-overlooked in comic books, what a simple concept that the average reader expects every artist to be able to handle it. Rossmo's rain and dark tones sucks you in and lets you know exactly what the theme of this issue is going to be.

A combination of the unknown and freaky. I love his Nightwing, and his Batman even more. I'm not sure on the consensus, but Batsy's new suit and emblem color scheme is a thing of beauty.

The way that yellow outline on the symbol has been used in this series is nothing short of brilliant. 

Rating: 8/10 Steve Orlando is the perfect fit to stick with Batman and Detective Comics through the Night of the Monster Men arc. The first crossover of DC Rebirth is a hit, and the perfect book for those ready for Halloween a month early.