Comic Review: Frostbite #1

Some 57 years after the new Ice Age kicked in and killed millions, people are seen using credit cards for heat charges and smashing frozen bodies infected with frostbite. 

Writer Joshua Williamson writes this creator-owned series from Vertigo, and Jason Shawn Alexander serves as the artist. Now, I'm not sure what a new Ice Age would look like but I'm pretty sure this is it. 

Throughout Issue No. 1 of Frostbite in this six-part miniseries, we see Keaton and her crew take on one hell of a mission caring for the man, and his daughter, who are responsible for the fall of humanity. 

Williamson, as he has shown during his run on The Flash, knows exactly where to start an arc, how to pace it and absolutely how to leave the reader wanting more (in a good way). The story starts with a swift, violent kick to the nuts to let you know that life as we know it, is not how these folks know it. 

The art from Alexander just feels so damn real. He was aided by Luis NCT on colors, and this pair really put together one hell of a unique book. You can almost feel the cool wind smash against the characters faces as they try and speak to each other. 

It almost feels like a movie where the cameraman forgot to do a simple white balance. This technique makes blood, gunfire and quick motion jump off of the page and into your brainballs. 

Rating: 8.5/10 It's one hell of a start to the six-part Frostbite miniseries from Vertigo. Joshua Williamson gives us an apocalyptic world that doesn't feel repetitive, and Jason Shawn Alexander and Luis NTC create a world that makes the reader feel like he/she is part of the new Ice Age.