Comic Review: Star vs. the Forces of Evil 'Deep Trouble' #1

I wanted to review this book because I enjoy the show, a lot. It has a fun bubbly all-around good time feel to it. I also wanted to review, because somehow, somewhere Drew knows show creator Daron Nefcy, and I greedily wanted to steal it from underneath him.

If you don’t know, Star Butterfly is a 14-year-old princess from Mewni. On her 14th birthday, her parents gave her an all-powerful magic wand and sent her to earth to live with the Diaz family.

Star has a can-do attitude, with her magic wand she can pretty much do whatever she wants whether making Cutie Kitten Clutter Cleaners or making a clone of herself so she can both be the Lawyer and Witness.

In the first issue of this eight-part miniseries, Star and Marco find a bunch of messages in a bottle from the Waterfolk. When Star opens one and reads it she notices that Pony head is in Deep Trouble -- hence the title -- and has to go to the Waterfolk domain. Pony head has been charged with Stealing the Pearled Tiara, covering their beautiful city in childish graffiti and for being an overall Turd. Marco thinks she’s guilty, her Dolphin Lawyer, Johnny Blowhole is a rookie and isn’t going to help her out and the whole city seems to be against her because she’s Tuu Fabuloss Tu Buh Hurh … SO STAR TO THE RESCUE!

Rating: 10/10 The Book is a fun read. It has very clean panels and super easy to read and the animation is pulled directly from the show. If there are differences they are very subtle. Zach Marcus and Devin Taylor really yank the essence from the show and put it right in the comic book form flawlessly. If you love the show, you will love the book