Comic Review: Cyborg Rebirth #1

While this serves as my first foray into Cyborg standalone world, I am aware of the character's origins thanks to the Justice League, DC's animated movies and, of course, Teen Titans Go!

Cyborg Rebirth No. 1 is a straight-up origin story. While told through a villain's perspective, it's still not going to rock anyone's world. If you know an ounce about Cyborg, you've already heard the main story told in this issue. 

John Semper Jr. wrote the book, Paul Pelletier on pencils, Tony Kordos, Sandra Hope on ink and Guy Major on colors. 

There's just not enough new to tease you with. The story is one we already know and leaves a lot to be desired when stacked up against some of the other world-building Rebirth premieres. 

Cyborg has a very RoboCop-esque suit, which is fitting as we're in Detroit. While the rest of the universe goes sleek and smooth, Vic gets a bulky suit in Rebirth. The art is strong when up close, but the pull-out longview fighting scenes don't do much for me, personally. 

The colors make the villain, Malware, pop but beyond that it just kind of falls flat and feels the same from page-to-page. 

Rating 5.5/10 You've already heard this story even if you own a sliver of Cyborg knowledge.