Comic Review: Skybourne #1

Well ...

Image from BOOM

Image from BOOM

What's there to say about Skybourne #1?

No, seriously, I can't think of anything. 

I mean Frank Cho is a wonderful artist. You may remember him from Hulk, Mighty Avengers or his dust up with DC and Greg Rucka earlier this summer over Wonder Woman's panties. He is an A-list level talent and the images in this book are wonderful and vibrant. 

Cho's characters look great and the action pops off the page. The concept is great, Lazarus had three children, who are immortal, have superhuman strength and impenetrable skin who all bear the Skybourne name. Grace, our female lead, is a badass. Our bad guy is a wizard or monk of some sort. Excalibur is a real thing. 

Aaaaaan that's it. That's the story. 

Variant cover B

Variant cover B

Seriously. That's all you get in issue one.


This rating makes me feel shallow, because it's mostly based on looks. Skybourne leaves readers with too many questions and the story feels flimsy, so far. While the art is incredible, I expect much more character and plot development in issue two. Man will not buy on art alone.