Comic Review: Supergirl #1

I think I'm in love with Supergirl. Don't judge me. 



I liked last month's Supergirl Rebirth more than most people did solely based on how much clean up there was to do after New 52. Steve Orlando continues a successful month, in which he was named as the author of JLA (CONGRATS, STEVE!) and with this excellent #1 for Kara Danvers. Joined by series regular artist Brian Ching, Orlando's vision for Supergirl comes into focus, and I love it. 

Ching, along with Michael Atiyeh, bring a vibrant look to the book. I've been a fan of Brian Ching's work for some time and was stoked to hear he'd be teaming up with Orlando on Supergirl, and the duo didn't disappoint. 

Ching's cartoonish style plays well with Orlando setting Kara in an elite high school. The flashbacks between her life on Krypton and current situation are used incredibly well to show why she is in the mental state she's in. Even when she's in uniform, and should be in her element, she's taken out of it by negativity from Cat Grant and more control from her government overlord. Driving? NOPE. 



This art + this story + the villain reveal at the end = "Can you guys add this to my pull list?"