Comic Review: Aquaman #15

This has been a dramatic roller coaster. The Deluge has left both Atlantis and the United States with deep scars that will take decades to heal. The King of Seas has found out that Black Manta is the "Fisher King" who is in charge of N.E.M.O, and he's a little bit pissed.

The Sovereign of Salty Solutions beats the seawater out of all of N.E.M.O.'s leadership. Black Jack finds out that Aquaman is bulletproof, masked bodyguards get tossed like cod at a fishmonger, and Kaldur'ahm figures out why the previous Black Manta failed. Instead of defeat, Kaldur'ahm tries to take Aquaman (and all of his own crew) down with him in death. But we know better. The Moist Majesty escapes death and has a war to end.

Arthur knows that the United States and Atlantis could drag a bloody war out till one is utterly defeated. Either side could continue course and be justified in doing so. However, Arthur Curry can see the big picture. With Superman in tow, he does the only thing that can end all the conflict and bloodshed.

With Black Manta dead and the leadership of N.E.M.O. scattered, those responsible for the war have been dealt with. Now is a time of healing. President Obama accepts Atlantis' surrender and the King of Atlantis walks out of the White House with a very impressed Superman. Supes gives him a new JLA card (he used his other one after transporting the Shaggy Man off planet) and lets Aquaman get back to rebuilding his kingdom.

If you have read any of my previous reviews of Aquaman, you know what is coming. So, instead of just going on and on about how great Dan Abnett is with story telling and the gorgeous pencil work of Phil Briones, I will give you my rating for the story arc right here:

Rating: 10/10 Trident Thrusts

And now I would like to talk about how this should effect the rest of DC comics universe.

This was not a comics wide event, but it should have been. Tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of US citizens died and the eastern seaboard was destroyed. This is momentous. This is society changing. This is what you get when you have Dan Abnett write a story. This should cause a great change across multiple story lines. Nightwing and the Titan's will be setting up in Manhattan soon... hell Long Island should be slagged based on the waves we saw. They should be dealing with this aftermath.

But they won't, and you know what... I'm okay with that. 

If comics wide events have taught me anything sense the first Crisis it's that the readers can suffer some great fatigue. Connecting all the dots, collecting all the books, making sure everything fits together just so... it's fun but also tiring. I can't keep it up all the time, and if I do I become jaded. I'm not saying that past events can't be referenced, but letting the story end, no matter how epic, is important because I don't want DC doing what Marvel does with all their "zero" and "aftermath" comics. Let it end. We can deal with it.

Bravo DC.