Comic Review: JLA Rebirth - The Ray

This is a story about growing up the dark.

Your family wants to keep you in there. They want to keep you away from your friends because of what they bring out in you. When you finally do step out of the dark, you will face discrimination and fear. You will want to hide who you are. You will want to be invisible... until you find that one person(s) that gives you hope. People who accept you for who you are. You know you are not alone. You will not be invisible anymore. You will stand up for those people... and more will stand with you as a result. 

This is a story about coming out into the light.

This is an origin story for a man.

Ray had to be kept in the dark growing up. His mother wouldn't expose him to any light for fear what it might do to him. She kept his one friend, Caden, away from him because of an incident that took place between them. But as Ray neared adulthood, he couldn't take the darkness anymore and left his home and family. His first interaction with people ended with him exploding into energy and accidentally hurting someone. So he became invisible... until he saw his old friend running for Mayor. Caden wants to change his city. Make it more welcoming to everyone, including gay people like himself. This caused one man to try to silence him at his own rally, but Ray intervened and revealed himself to the world and his old friend. Now Ray has a new purpose. He will shine bright and spread hope... he's no longer alone.

This is an origin story for a hero.

Steve Orlando has given us the most heartfelt allegory for coming out of the closet I have ever read. After the curtain drops and the allusions are made bare, the epiphany brings a tear to the eye and a smile to the lips. But words alone didn't give us this wonderful story. Stephen Bryne displays for the reader the sadness of being in dark. My heart ached seeing the emotions on display, and by the end they made me want to sing.

So buy this comic. Give it to friend that might need some encouragement. Give it to someone who might be afraid. Help be a light in the darkness.

Rating: 10/10