Comic Review: Mister Miracle #3

"There is always some madness in love. But there is always some reason in madness." - Friedrich Neitzche 

I know starting a comic book review with every first year philosophy students' favorite quote machine may seem a bit self-indulgent... and it is. But, it is also very apropos to the book in question. Without being overly cryptic, permit me one last quote from the German philologist:

"There are no beautfiul surfaces, without terrible depth." - Friendrich Neitzche

If you need a more in-depth recap of previous issues you can read reviews here and here.

Right now Scott is dealing with the aftermath of Barda killing Granny Goodness, and Orion's seeming decent into madness. He's still trying to juggle his performance career with being a General of New Genesis, while also maintaining his relationship with Big Barda. He's been quite introspective as well, trying to determine why he has done... or attempted to do... what he did. He also has come up with some interesting conclusions. 

MM Darkseid.JPG

Orion has declared an invasion of Apokolips; He believes Darkseid has been weakened. He has also been murdering anyone who questions his command, like Forager of the Bugs who pledged his loyalty to Scott Free. Scott knows that something is wrong with himself, and he thinks there might be something wrong with Orion, too. This is an accusation that causes Orion to beat the snot out of his "brother."


Yet the narrator has been hinting that Doctor Bedlam is to blame for what is happening to Scott, and that he has taken the "paranoid pill." Is this why Scott tried to kill himself? Did he try? What is real? Does it matter?

Before writing this review I asked my wife if she could come up with some new superlatives for this book. I didn't think it was possible for this series to sustain such beautifully lighthearted darkness... but it has. It's, well, miraculous

Tom King's pacing of this story is just excellent - He moves from late night soul searching to magical performance art without a hitch. Mitch Gerard's panel transition is equally superb - One moment Scott is eating at a cafe wearing a Batman t-shirt, the next he's being asked if he's "seen the face of God." Everything is done so well and with such care, it makes you forget you don't know what is really going on.

Because admit it: You don't have a clue. 

And we are all okay with that. In fact -- it's weird for me to say this -- I want to be surprised by this and I think King just might pull it off.

So continue buying this series... then buy it in hardcover... then again in trade paperback to give to your friend. This is the best series going on in comics right now.

Rating: ∞ / 10