Comic Review: Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica


Here's the thing:  For all the "dark and gritty" trends we see many comic and comic film/television creators aiming for, sometimes you just want to have some fun.

And boy howdy, what says fun more than some Poiley Quivy shenanigans in Riverdale?

Now, we're at the first issue, so who knows what turns this plot arc could take...after all, it all focuses on Poison Ivy's plot to kidnap Veronica Lodge to keep her father from bulldozing protected swampland...but so far, so fun.

This issue is mostly the set-up to the caper, with Harley and Ivy scoring entrance into one of Hiram Lodge's fancy-schmancy costume galas in order to get to their prize.  Conveniently, the theme is "Heroes and Villains," so they simply dress up in their original harlequin and green bodysuit costumes and head in...which provides a fun tongue-in-cheek joke about their costumes being "unique," when they run into Betty and Veronica dressed as, you guessed it, Harley and Ivy.

I personally love these little side off-shoots that are just pure enjoyment; It's a breath of fresh air.  And a damn beautiful one, thanks to Laura Braga's rich, detailed art.  I'm particularly fond of how she does hair...maybe it's a kink, I don't know, but well-drawn hair just does it for me.  Add in the writing of not only DC vet Marc Andreyko, but also Harley co-creator Paul Dini...and if anything is going to do her justice, it's him.

This is going to be a fun run...and with a bonus Adam Hughes variant, you know we're going to get some killer covers.