Comic Review: Batman White Knight #2

Sean Murphy's "Batman White Knight" absolutely kicks into full-creative overdrive with issue No. 2. The first issue got a lot of the backstory, idea and information out of the way, which thrust the door open for Murphy to lay the blueprint for this uniquely one-of-a-kind story with The Joker turning Gotham on Batman in a way the reader would never expect. 

This review contains spoilers below the cover image

Batman: White Knight #2 hit comic book stores and went online for sale on Wednesday, Nov. 1. Check out this badass cover work from Matt Hollingsworth: 



With issue two, we get to see Jack Napier's brilliant ability in shifting the pieces his way when it comes to the general public, police force and view on the 1 percent. While speaking in court, he elegantly focuses on hot topic issues -- some striking chords from present day life -- in talking about how Batman's crusade to save Gotham has truly only helped the 1 percent and white people. 

This was a fantastic read, with deep dialogue that used a ton of words but managed to not waste one of them,  that made the reader question themselves concerning every Batman book they've ever read. 

Napier didn't just use words against Batman as his claims clearly had some truth to them as Bruce Wayne had it explained to him directly that his fight on crime opened it up for real estate moguls and developers to cash-in on his efforts. 

It's one thing to explain something, it's another thing to prove something. Murphy manages to do that all in issue two, and we haven't even touched the most enduring quality of this read in the reunion of Jack and Harley. 

Napier visits his current Harley, think Suicide Squad theatrical version, and basically confesses his love and apologizes for the way he treated her. The past Harley walks in, kicks her our and delivers some killer lines on how she has done more to hurt feminism than to help it. 

It's all good and it all makes sense. 

Murphy is also handling the freaking art for this series and, my god, is he ever handling the art. I believe it was the first panel of issue two that had me drooling over his work. It showed Jack Napier speaking in court, but the shadow silhouette of his face was that of the Joker. 

Chill inducing artwork for longtime DC readers. 

Rating: 9/10 diamonds

Sean Murphy is delivering a creative masterpiece with Batman: White Knight. That statement would hold true if he was only handling the writing but, of course, he's also handling the brilliant artwork for this series, too. If you've ever read a DC book or know anything about Batman, this is worth your time and is not some cheap thrill.