Comic Review: Aquaman #30

Okay, I'm going to summarize this book quickly. Ready? Here we go.


The rule of King Rath looks to be a short one. He sees enemies all about him (there are), he questions the loyalty of his commanders (he should), and he feels his power slipping away (it will). This "Aquaman" seems to be making himself a hero of the resistance to his rule. Drastic measures must be taken against these rebels. 


Dolphin and Arthur, who goes by "Orin" now, are joining the fight against King Rath and the silent sisterhood who seemingly supports him. Meanwhile, Mera broke through the magical barrier thanks to Garth, but the amulet she is wearing that allows her to do so, seems to have affected her ability to breath underwater. As soon as she enters, she begins to drown. Unfortunately, the people that find her bring her to the new underworld crime boss, King Shark. 

See? Two paragraphs. That was quick, which is kinda the pacing of this book too. Quick.

Abnett needed to get everyone in place for the final battle. Aquaman needs his old allies back. Check! Aquaman needs his trident back. Check! Mera needs to get into Atlantis. Check! Rath needs to show everyone that he's crazy. Check! But, Abnett did something i was expecting. He damaged Mera. 

I should have expected this. Garth hinted at it last issue that the amulet might not work correctly. Now Mera, who has been spending allot of time on the surface, knows what it's like to be an air-breather underwater: powerless. What this does to her psychologically is yet to be seen, but we know she will become the Queen of Atlantis thanks to the press release by DC comics highlighting her own titled book (also written by Abnett). It's pretty clear that this is what the Silent Sisterhood wanted all along, they just needed a way to get Arthur away from her to do so. The fact that Dolphin might be in love with Aquaman will most definitely complicate matters. 

Last month I was a bit harsh describing Sejic's art in the previous book. I'm happy to say this book is much improved over last months. It's not quite back to where it was when he started this series, but it's nice to see the charters and colors shine again. Each face conveys emotion, each panel is clean, and the backgrounds are more than just monotone rubble. It looks good.

Looking forward to the ascent of Mera to the throne of Atlantis starting next month.

Rating: 9/10 Emo Aqualads