Comic Review: Flash #34

So Barry has been infected with the "Negative Speed Force" ever sense Reverse Flash's death and he has been coming to terms with how he can use his powers without destroying the world around him. He knows that using these new powers also hurts... allot... as we have seen in previous comics. But he has been training with Kid Flash (New 52) and he has been feeling better about keeping a lid on the destruction.

By sheer coincidence Meena Dhawan (Fast Track) shows up and convinces Barry that he is dying because of his new powers. The fact that she was assumed dead at the hands of August Heart (Godspeed) causes Barry some confusion, but he's only a crime scene investigator... why would he be curious about such things. According to his old friend, The "Speed Force" and the "Negative Speed Force" are doing battle inside of him, and that will eventually tear him appart. Meena want's to study the "Negative Speed Force" (no, it never gets easier to type or say) so he hooks a camera on Barry and takes him and Wally (Kid Flash) to a junk yard so they can run around and she can get some readings.

I mean, how many frames a second can that camera capture?

I mean, how many frames a second can that camera capture?

Barry runs a little. Meena is happy. Wally wants to fix a car. Barry and Meena get awkwardly close. The sun begins to set. There is allot of grandiose ideology spouted by Barry along with a ton of apologies for constantly failing those around him. 

But as the sun sets, Meena has a surprise for Wally (New 52) and Barry. She is an agent of Black Hole... you know that organization that studies the "Speed Force" and makes weapons lightning weapons that can inhibit the use of a speedsters powers. Those guys. Barry and Wally are incapacitated, and Meena runs really fast around Barry and siphons off the "Negative Speed Force." Now Fast Track is the dual "Speed Force" wielder.

Flash 5.JPG

I'm going to be honest. I never liked the "Negative Speed Force" being pushed on Barry. Not because I'm against it conceptually, but because I knew we had to figure out a way for him to get rid of it. Like Parallax being put in Kyle Raynor, you gotta find a new vessel for the evil essence stuff. The end was already written, we just didn't know who would get the goods.

And we got, *yawn*, Fast Track. Wouldn't it have been better if Godspeed was the one to do it? Or are we saving him for some sort of recompense tour, where he helps Barry put down the speedster he originally put down... I don't know. Maybe Meena really did save Barry and nobody is going to miss Meena when she blows up because we all thought she was dead to begin with. 

I guess I'm happy that Moreci and Williamson decided to take the "Negative Speed Force" out of Barry sooner rather than later and hopefully this story arc can come to a swift, pun intended, ending. At least Pop Mhan's penicls and inks are fun to look at, even if black lightning seems to engulf a third of every full page spread.

So, it's the start of a new story, that is a continuation of a recent story and is worth buying? Sure, but because it's the start of Barry becoming "normal" again, and that means things could start getting better for our hero. 

Rating: 7.5/10 Unnecessary Self Reflection