Comic Review: All I Have To Do Is Dream #1

I didn't know what I was in for when I bought this comic book. Sometimes I get a little twitchy and need to read something not from the "Big Two" and want to support some smaller operation. I keep an eye out for things that might spark my interest. I read the blurb describing the concept, and I thought the story seemed rather unique. 

I can honestly say I haven't read a comic quite like this in some time.

Dream 2.JPG

The story is told through flash-back. It's narrated by the protagonist named Dawn London. She's a graphic designer that lives in New York. She has two room mates, and is not the most punctual person in the world. She's running late for work, which is kinda crazy because she is self employed. She has a client who will pay double for a rush job. 

He's more than a bit creepy and demanding. He claims to have not been sleeping much. When Dawn finishes the weird logo he wanted he to draw she packs up and goes home. That's when things start getting weird. When she sits down on the couch she is transported to the middle of a forest.

There she wanders for what seems like hours. She meets these strange little creatures that look like talking pincushions that inform her she is in a dream world. When humans fall asleep, their minds come to this realm where the reality plays out. They wake up after their dream, not aware it was actually a reality for these beings. But Dawn... she's special. 

Dream 7.JPG

The dream she is in seems to be a nightmare, however, as her friends have been turned into zombies. Just as she is about to be captured by one of them... she "wakes" up and is in the world of the living with no time seeming to have passed. The only logical conclusion that she can come to is that the guy who commissioned her drawing has cursed her somehow. While she is pondering this before bed, the little pincushion creatures pay her a visit outside of the dream world. Seem's like in the waking world, she is still dreaming.

You know what? I liked this little independent comic! The author and artist James Avila, who happens to teach middle school art on Long Island, has given us a charming story that is beautifully illustrated. What is more impressive is the fact that he makes the reader want more with the twist ending. That's not something that usually happens when I read small publications. I usually file them in the, "good try, keep trying" category and not buy another.

But this time, I can't wait to see what happens next. 

Comic Rating: 9/10