Comic Review: Batman White Knight #3

If you're a Batman lover who loves having their heart ripped out (you all do) while taking in a unique, complete artistic vision in an alternate reality, if you will, then Sean Murphy's Batman White Knight is for you. 

Also, before we step into Murphy's Gotham Upside Down, let's give DC Comics some props for having a decent amount of Batman titles consistently out but making them all stand out on their own recently. Murphy has such a distinct artistic style that giving him the keys to a dark, corrupt and unpredictable city like Gotham is straight cash. 

In the previous issues, we learn that Joker -- Jack Napier -- has been cured of his insanity, and that his new host mind has set his sights on curing the city of its greatest ailment in Batman. He scoops up a sane Harley after dropping the stand-in that had been in place, and then all the villains unite to fight the Batfamily after they were served spiked Clayface juice. 

 Murphy likes to get weird with Clayface. 

The special thing about Batman White Knight #3 is that it presents a very relatable, real issue that could be something that readers could believe would turn the people of Gotham against Batman. It's fascinating what Murphy is able to do to flip the tables not only from the public's perspective, but Batgirl and Nightwing's. One thing we find out is that Batgirl had no idea who Jason Todd was until she saw his grave with Nightwing. 

The torment Batman and Bruce Wayne have cause the public and those close to them is evident in the faces, didialogue alouge and tone of each character featured in this issue. I did not note, but in this seven-issue miniseries, Alfred is near death and in the hospital. 


There's a really deep, deep scene that Murphy pulls off brilliantly between Alfred and Batman, and in a subsequent scene between Batgirl and Nightwing. It will hit readers and loyal fans of the character hard, and then there will be a couple more pages stuffed with the kind of cliffhangers a smart miniseries like this needs. 

Rating 9/10 It's an issue stuffed with really deep, dark, weird and interesting stuff. Sean Murphy, who is handling the writing and the artistic work, has one hell of an enthralling alternate Batman universe. Batman White Knight is absolutely worth your attention.