Comic Review: Ultimates Squared #4

If it is possible to both adore and hate something simultaneously without causing severe cognitive dissonance, then there might be hope for me and this comic. Yet, if two contradictory ideas can not abide the same space for extended periods of time, then I and this book are in trouble.

Maybe I shouldn't look at it in such Manichean terms, maybe I need to be more Taoist: more Yin and Yang. I might have to see a little bad in the good and a little good in the bad.

But enough of this metaphysical mental meandering, you came here for a review, and I'm going to keep it very simple:

This is a good book, but only because the writing is fantastic. If you read my other Ultimates reviews than you know I love Al Ewing. I LOVE HIM! He is the second coming of Hickman and I couldn't be happier. The problem I have is with the art of Travel Foreman. IT IS AWFUL. Don't believe me? Look below.

That's the most horrified "O" face I have ever seen.

That's the most horrified "O" face I have ever seen.

Just look at that panel. I feel as though I could draw that. What angers me is that I know he can do better. Take this panel from Ares as an example:

That is the same artist. What happened, man. Are you trying to undermine Marvel from the inside? 

Wait... Are you? Because if you are, that is brilliant. 

I love this series so much and it is all because of the writing. It's smart, it's pithy, it's meaningful to comics and even has philosophical underpinnings. It's great. But I have a hard time recommending it because of what you get to look at. 

I still do though, but maybe you should pick this up in trade paperback instead of buying all the single issues. 

Rating: 5.5/10 Naked Black Panthers