Comic Review: Action Comics #976

Harmonizing DC's continuity has always been a large undertaking. So many Crisis events, Multiversity, Convergence, Flashpoint: all of the trying to reign in the wandering character origins and parallel universe strangeness. Some times it works better than others. Rebirth has proved to be rather successful in giving the readers entertaining stories and hasn't shied away from the existential and weird when it comes to their main cape, Superman.

In most cases it has worked out alright, using solid charater dynamics to cover up for a silly story. In Action Comics #976 we get the culmination of the "Superman Reborn" storyline and figure out some of the answers we've been wanting while at the same time getting more questions. It's very Grant Morrison-esque.

Right off the bat we get Superman's weirdest adversary giving what might account for a polemic on himself and Superman. Mister Mxyzptlk has abducted Jonathan Smith (Kent) in the process, brought back the New 52 Lois and Clark Kent who never became an item. 

Jon will have none of it and soon realizes the ghost of his parents are around him in this other-world and gets his non-parents to merge with clouds (souls?) of his actual parents. This creates then creates a merge Clark Kent and Lois Lane inside of Rebirth... an action that ole Mxy doesn't want to be around for when "He" finds out.

This is now my wallpaper..... Shut up I'm sentimental.

Well, we never really find out who "He" is. But we seem to see glimpses of the planet Mars in the end of the book.... So... Maybe Doctor Manhattan? 

Anyway, this kind of comic can create love or dissent. It plays out some of Superman's greatest hits in the background and merges them all into one. I think most Superman fans will like that. As long as we don't have to do this all over again in a couple years, we will all be happy. 


While some may not like ole Myxy's word play and close to 4th wall breaking comments (Multiversity comes to mind), I think it fits because him and Batmite seem to exist to do that kind of thing. I understand it might be annoying for some... but I kinda like it. 

So, great conclusion to the "Superman Reborn" and I look forward to seeing if a giant blue dong makes an appearance soon.

Rating: 8.75/10 Cloud People