Comic Review: Unworthy Thor #5

It's been awhile sense I reviewed the first comic in this series and I was left with... mixed feelings. Mostly positive. Mostly hopeful. Excited to see where this led with my own thoughts as to what might happen.

Man was I wrong.

To catch you up on what happened from issue one to issue five, I'll let the issue intro do the work for me.

We all caught up? Good.

So Odinson has his hands around an Uru again, and boy does it feel good. Knowledge comes pouring into him as he grasps the handle. With it, some power seems to flow into him as well. He single-handedly blasts away the minions of Thanos off planet with the palm of his hand.

Bye Felcia 

But Odinson doesn't pick up the hammer. It's not his hammer; it's some other Thor's from a dead Universe. He might come back after all. Instead he frees all of the Collectors pets and tosses him off a cliff into an ocean. Then, for some reason, the hammer and the remnant of Asgard are teleported back to where it belongs with the entirety of the collectors animal menagerie as well as Odinson and Bet Ray Bill. Odinson tells Beta Ray Bill that the Unseen One is actually Nick Fury and that he whispered the truth that made Thor loose the power to wield Mjolnir: "Gorr was right." That sparks a long monologue.  

But Beta Ray Bill doesn't think so. Bill tells Odinson that he is Thor and will always be Thor and that he has proven his worthiness. Thor tentatively agrees with Bill but is super thirsty so him and Bill need to drink some ale.

Meanwhile this happened: 

That's Hela Kissing Thanos if you didn't know

And it seems someone did hear the call of Ultimate Thor's hammer. We see his silhouette picking up the hammer a few days later (I guess Odinson drank himself into a coma). Whoever picked up the hammer is calling himself "War Thor." 


Not a fucking thing really changed with Odinson other then him feeling slightly better about himself and we got a new "War Thor" which we know nothing about and Hela and Thanos are shacking up.

While there were some big reveals (we all wanted to know the "whisper" which can unmake a god), this story didn't really need to be written did it? I mean Odinson seems to still be a sideline player after all of this and we aren't getting the OG Thor back. What's the word I'm looking for. Disappointment? Dick--teased? Cheated?

I don't know. Maybe all three. So while the art in this comic series is pretty good at times and the writing is a mixed bag; I can't really recommend it. It just will kinda sit there... like that puppy in shelter that nobody wants and will eventually be put down if nobody takes him. 

Somebody should... but I don't need it.

Rating: 6.5/10 Murder Dogs