Comic Review: Booster Gold/The Flinstones

This is a warning: I'm gonna gush all over this. 

In fact, I'm gonna say it now. This is the bestest comic book I've read over the past three years. 

Yah. I liked it that much.

So here is the run down, Booster is on a date sometime in Earth's future, broke as joke but still in the game. Then, some weird lizard type aliens invade and start blasting up the place. Being the handsome hero that he is, he pops back in time to when the where this species first came into contact with humanity. It appears these beings first visited Earth back in the days of Bedrock (better known as Ken Ham's history book).

One of these space lizards was about to impart the knowledge of peace and happiness. He even promises four hour erections will not be a problem anymore. People seem interested, but Booster's time sphere kills the creature on entry and gets busted up in the process. 

Booster acquires the help of two burly stone age guys by the names Fred and Barney to help fix his broken time sphere. He places some calls to the future to try to find out how his actions affected the past and even manages to get Alfred Pennyworth in 1966. Booster has him create a bank account in his name with a little bit of money that Bruce Wayne can afford to miss.

After a completely preventable time traveling accident, Booster zaps half of Bedrock to the future when the aliens are invading. Turns out that alien he killed was some kind of prophet, and religion sprung up around his death that promised vengeance for the death of their messiah; a messiah who would one day return and set everything right.

Booster devises a foolproofish plan to use half of the dead alien lizards body as puppet to trick the invades. After shoving his hand in the upper torso of the pacifist leader he gives and not so inspiring speech until puppet falls off his hand revealing the ruse.

Fortunately another, more competant Time Master shows up with the not dead anymore prophet. Ignoring temporal paradoxes much like the lizard religion ignores the problem of evil, the profit calls all his followers a bunch of "buttholes" and tells them to go home. With the crisis kinda averted, Booster sends Fred and Barney home asking if he can stop by and visit some time.

Booster decides to keep all the extinct animals from the past in the future too. He visit's an ATM before his date and pulls out Scroog McDuck levels of cash from the account Alfred created for him in 1966. He then has a lovely date eating Woolly Mammoth ribs. The End.

Great right? I even left out the best parts, too. 

The art is sublime. The story wacky and yet poignant, in a crazy way. It's fun, funny, and is combines two of my favorite things: Booster Gold Comics and old Hannah Barbara cartoons.

Buy this book.

Do it now.

Rating 11/10 Implausible Fractions