Comic Review: The Flash #21

The Flash #20 | Writer Joshua Williamson | Art Neil Googe and Carmine Di Giandomenico

The only thing I didn't enjoy about The Flash #20 was the deceptive cover. There is literally never a moment where someone would be led to believe Iris West was a Black Hole agent. In fact, the only mention of it is made fun of "oh, you work for Black Hole now?" Yeah, that was it. 

With that negativity and "FAKE NEWS" out of the way, let's get into a really tasty book from Joshua Williamson, Neil Googe and Carmine Di Giandomenico as The Flash, Batman and Watchmen approach their big crossover event. 

This issue was almost like a breath of fresh air, when it could have been an afterthought/throwaway issue. We get an interesting Iris West focus and get left with one sure-to-be long-burn cliffhanger with the ending. 

Williamson does a great job of turning an issue before a big event into something of a slow burn story. We get more Godspeed, Meena and more throughout ish #20. Iris is built as this badass reporter who will go to any ends to not only get the story, but to help people. 

This makes her just as much as a hero as Barry Allen, and I just think that is so important in this day and age to avoid falling into the damsel in distress plot point. Hats off to DC and Williamson for showing that Iris is so much more than just Barry's girlfriend and a Central City cog. 

Rating 8.5/10 Rhubarb Cupcakes: Hey, listen. When I picked this book up, I didn't expect much due to the comic community being on what comes next when it comes to Flash/Batman/Watchmen. 

It turns out, Williamson set up future storylines while making Iris West come off as just as much as a hero as Barry Allen. This rating is based off of Williamson backing up my designation as this book being the Tim Duncan of comic books.