Comic Review: Heathen #3

When last we left Aydis, she was abducted by Frejya the Queen of the Valkyries in front of the goddess Brynhild whom Aydis just rescued from Odin's punishment. Brynhild is left alone once more as her unconscious savior (and possible wife) was carried away by the death bringer of the god's.

But when Aydis wakes, she finds that the Valkyries Aerie is filled with half naked goddesses and mortals giving full body rubs and being non-violent. Frejya has made it her goal to give comfort (and pleasure) to those who would seek it outside of a harsh and unforgiving world. 

Aydis is understandably wary of her captors, though they show no signs of doing harm to her. In fact, Frejya seems positively cordial. She treats Aydis like a guest showing her about her little realm and introducing her to immortal and mortal alike. Aydis is somewhat perplexed by all of this and seeks answers from Frejya. Why was she abducted? Why would she want to keep her away from Brynhild? Is she free to leave?

The answers aren't quite what she expected. Frejya feels that she has the best interests of everyone involved at heart. But even a goddesses insight or benevolence can not sway Aydis. She is determined to return to Brynhild and help free her from Odin's curse.

This seems to give Frejya confidence that Aydis might actually succeed at what she intends to accomplish. Aydis is allowed to depart with the Queen's blessing.

Meanwhile Brynhild seeks the help of an old friend (husband) so that she might find Aydis and seek her salvation.

I know I said it in my previous review. But you need to buy these books. They are so damn heartfelt. The reader can't help be compelled by the drive and compassion of those involved. We have yet to meet any true opposition yet, but it seems as if Natasha Alterici is building up allies for Aydis so for the eventual confrontation with the "All-Father."

The art continues to impress, imparting whimsy while still maintaining a grittiness. Thick brush strokes don't cover up the evocative nature of her material nor does it lack detail when it is required.

So, I'll say again. Buy. These. Books. The next one comes out May 17th.  Catch up before then.

Rating: 9.25/10 Gods-Blood Transfusions