Comic Review: Nightwing #20

Alright, I'm going to get this out of the way at the onset so we can all breath a sigh of relief.

Please don't be lying... Please don't be lying... 

Please don't be lying... Please don't be lying... 

Yup, this has been the one mystery in comics that has been keeping me up at night for the past three months sense the infamous "I'm late" panel. I was legitimately terrified for Dick Grayson. Not that I think he would be a bad dad, but because of the person telling him isn't really a good guy. She's more an anti-hero.

Any-who, with that side plot over, we can move on to the main story. Here's the recap:

Dr. Hurt dies at the hands of his creation Deathwing because Dick Grayson is a true hero not defined by tragedy and loss but by hope for the future. Oh, and Robin survives because Damian Wayne is a badass. 

Now on to what I love the most. Damian and Dick interacting with each other.


In my opinion they are the greatest duo in the history of comics. 

Ever sense Dick put on the Cowl and Damian put on the colors, the two of them have had the brotherly bond that makes them human even when swinging from buildings and fighting super villains. 

This is what Tim Seeley nails. He has helped move their relationship from Mentor/Brother to Friend/Confidant. It is really quite amazing. It is believable because it is so relatable. More than anything this is what I have been missing from Bat-Family comics... the feeling of family. We know that some day Damian will surpass Dick, if he hasn't already, and will be the heir to the Mantle of the Bat; but now it doesn't seem like there will be any challenge for it.

It just feels right.

So I could continue to talk about how fitting Javier Fernandez's pencils and inks are... I could talk about how Tim Seeley works in some illusions to the coming of Dr. Manhattan...

But instead, I will continue to breath a sigh of relief that Dick isn't going to be a daddy anytime soon.

Rating: 9/10 Wear A Little More Latex Next Time