Comic Review: Justice League of America #12

Remember back in January when The Atom got all Rebirthed? No? Read this. I'll wait.

Caught up? Okay.

Ryan Choi has been working to find out what happened to his teacher and mentor Ray Palmer for sometime now. The Justice League has picked up a few members sense a recruitment drive earlier this year and have expanded their operations. (I mean, if Rhode Island has a JLA office, shouldn't every other state have five?) Anyway, they've picked up people like Killer Frost and The Ray and some kid named Xenos who is dating The Ray. Batman keeps assembling the most uncanny of teams, but his latest addition is kinda crazy... even for him.

Batman needs some muscle and brains (yes brains) for this new adventure and with Lobo spending so much time in New Jersey, it is starting to make the place look less like a garden and more like a graveyard. So Batman convinces the "Main Man" to lend his expertise in finding out where Ray went. Naturally this means Ryan Choi is going to shrink everybody down and take a ship into the microverse ala Fantastic Journey style. 

Their ship gets damaged from enemy fire and they crash on a "planet" where the local life doesn't seem too happy to meet them. A fire fight ensues and Ryan runs off to find Dr. Palmer. Wouldn't you know, one of the locals have some monologging to do about the end of the universe and a return to the null... you know the kind people that bring tracts to your door. 

Won't you come to our Wednesday night prayer service?

Won't you come to our Wednesday night prayer service?

But guess who shows up to save the day? If you didn't say giant size Ray Palmer, then you guessed the same as me, but we don't really know because the story ends.

Any-who, I've been waiting a long time to wrap up The Atom Rebirth story line, and I'm glad we are finally getting there. I love that Steve Orlando is writing it too. If you are not familiar with him, read all of this. The mood is fun and campy. The story is faced paced. The dialogue compelling and hilarious. 

I also love that Ivan Reis, who has worked on most of my favorite GL comics, is working on this with Orlando. The action sequences are frenetic. The world colorful. The character designs are spot on. 

My only problem with the book is that I have to wait for the next to see if it's Dr. Palmer who saved the JLA. Oh, cliffhangers. What are you going to do? 

Rating 8.5/10 Feetal's Gizz