Comic Review: Mister Miracle #2

I am, generally speaking, a patient man. I don't get upset when I have to wait for a table. I don't mind having to wait in line on roller coasters. If I had a problem before with patience, having a child certainly teaches you some. (How long does it take for you to put on your shoes?) But, I honestly had a hard time waiting for the second issue of Mister Miracle to come out. I literally checked the release date five times, you know, just to make sure. I have been that excited for this book. 

It's easy to dip into superlatives when talking about Tom King and Mitch Gerards working together again... and we have... multiple times... but all the hyperbole we spout comes from not just a place of fondness for this dynamic duo of pen and pencil; it stems from a genuine love of fantastical stories involving cherished comic characters. If it seems that I genuflect too much, please know, it is less than I feel I should. 

Now, before I get started in this review, I am going to make two recommendations. First, as much as it might pain some people to do this, read the digital copies of these books in guided view. The slight panel and tonal shifts makes this an ideal medium. Second, if you haven't read the first one yet, stop reading this and go read it. It is worth it. Trust me.

On to the review.


We were left with many questions after the last issue. Did Scott try and fail to at suicide? Did he succeed? What is real, and what is a dream? It seems Scott has accepted, at least in part, the reality of his new situation. The Highfather is dead, Orion (the prisoner exchanged son of Darkseid who sided with New Genesis) is now the Highfather instead of Scott (who was prisoner of Darkseid and son of the original Highfather). Scott and Barda have been called to defend New Genesis from the attacks of Apokolips. It is dirty work... parademons blood is very viscus, and at the end of a hard day of work sometimes all you want is a shower.


  But while Barda and Scott defended the West, the East has fallen to General Granny Goodness. Orion... I mean Highfather... figures that Scott and Barda would like to take some revenge on their old tormentor and slaver so he sends them on a mission to kill her... you know... the next morning. But while Scott is trying to get some sleep, he has a visitor in the night and it's none other than the Mobius Chair riding, Universal Knowledge keeping, immortal Metron. He also has a message for Scott:

MM 10 (Metron).JPG

Weird dream.

Scott and Barda set off to kill Granny the next morning, even as Scott proclaims his inner conflict on the matter. Granny happily greets them, and serves them some jello while reminiscing about the good old days. That night Barda and Scott sneak through the camp killing all the Apokolips soldiers until they get to Granny's tent. Barda is struck down by Granny, but Scott is called forth by Granny to have a discussion. First, she must know if Metron has visited him the previous night. Scott replies that it was a dream. Relieved, Granny then tells him that Orion... I mean the Highfather... came to her in peace, warning her that Scott and Barda would be there to try and kill her and that if she killed them as a response, there would be no repercussions. She believes he is doing this because he is afraid of the prophecy that Darkseids son will be the one to kill Darkseid. Scott, is understandably confused. Isn't Orion... I mean the Highfather... Darkseid's son:


Granny is dead at the hands of Barda, but as we see them boomtube back to Orion... I mean the Highfather.... we, the readers that is, are told that we will not like what Scott is about to do if we swallow "the Paranoid Pill."

Just... Bravo... Well done Mr. King. Expertly illustrated Mr. Gerards. The sardonic humor, to the trippy story line, to snarky dialog. It's just perfect. It's hard for me heap enough praise upon this series. 

But, I will continue to try.

Rating: 10/10 Barda Butt Shots