Comic Review: The Flash #30 'Bloodwork Part One'

The Flash #30 "BLOODWORK Part One" by Joshua Williamson, Neil Googe and cover by Carmine Di Giandomenico


It had been a minute since we checked on our good-buddy Barry Allen, so let's call the start of a new arc and introduction of a new nemesis as the perfect moment to hop back on. 

Googe does some absolutely killer work on showing us the lingering mysterious power that is the Negative-Flash, with Barry's pupils darkening and his suit taking on a new color. Combined with the artist's insane ability to make us feel Barry's anger and lack of self-control, with Williamson's clear vision in laying out this dynamic and its effect on new characters (and old), is one hell of a winning combination. 

It's a classic Central City PD story, the evidence room exploded in flames and someone has been stealing blood samples. You can clearly see where this is going with the introduction of "Bloodwork," but it's the slow burn in learning little by little as you turn each page that makes this character build-up just a little more special than most. 

Every panel means something, every one moves the story along while keeping us up to date with our ever-changing lead hero. Seriously, and I am a big lover of Di Giandomenico's past work here, but Googe is money on this twisted Barry Allen.

When Barry is losing his mind at the CCPD, Googe creates this new level of anger and instability that we haven't seen and it really resonated with me and set the tone. Barry's eyes are basically shooting black blood out, and he's about to burst every vessel. 

Rating 9/10: The focus between Barry Allen's confusion, Flash's inability to control himself and the introduction of a new work is led by Williamson's precise direction and Googe's badass creations.