Comic Review: Kingsman The Red Diamond #1

I don't care if this is coming out at the same time as the Kingsman's second feature film is about to hit theaters, because this book from Rob Williams and Image Comics reminds me of a lot of things I loved about the first movie. 

It's British as all hell, violent out of nowhere, pretty funny and has an extremely likable and interesting main character in Eggsy. The six-part Red Diamond miniseries is set shorly after the first movie ends, as Eggsy is now a full-on Kingsman. 

And, listen, don't spend too much time thinking about that this book largely exists for promotional reasons because let's be honest, what isn't? With that line of thinking you sure as hell better hate the Star Wars line of series! 

But, the Red Diamond succeeds be bringing the quick-witted humor, surprising violence and a meaningful main character stuck in the battle between his old life and his new. Issue No. 1 served mostly as a catch-me-up introduction, as we only got bits and pieces of the Red Diamond and where this series is going in its short lifespan. 

That's OK, though, and so is the fact that comic Eggsy doesn't look a damn thing like movie Eggsy.

The class dynamic created by Williams and illustrated by Fraser reminds me of the also British as hell "Legend" starring two Tom Hardy's (Fucking alley). Seriously, we get a little Brexit, London night views and a couple of wankers here and there, not to mention a damn "balloon and a slice of cake at the end of the night."


Eggsy doesn't fit in with his Kingsman, thanks to some aggressive behavior with an old Duke, and doesn't fit in back at home thanks to his nice suits and inflexible nature with old friends. 

Rating: 8/10: Really solid book that laid the groundwork for an interesting miniseries. Eggsy is Eggsy without looking like Taron Egerton, and this book is as British as stuff that's British. A new creative team at the helm doesn't hurt this book at all, just gives the readers a fresh take.