Comic Review: Venomverse #1

Well, I gave it a shot. 

The first issue of Venomverse from Marvel (with Cullen Bunn) was exactly what I thought it was going to be, in a crammed together confusing mess. I just don't understand how Marvel is stuck in this never-ending retread nightmare of, "just throw everything at it, people love this shit." 

Throwing everything into one series, let alone one comic, is not and will never be the answer to the below average storytelling that has become in the norm in Marvel Comics. Venomverse seem to just be another retread of a tired idea, well this universe exists because of this one but what if this universe existed in resistance to this one. 

I literally have no idea what the difference between the symbiote Venoms are and the Walking Dead poison Venoms. I have honestly no idea. 

And, I feel bad for Bunn here, because he fell into the trap of trying to overexplain something confusing. There's a scene with Eddie and some universe's Spider-Man arguing while spending a page or two explaining the plot. 

On the bright side, Nick Bradshaw did a killer cover featuring Venom Captain America, Rocket Raccoon, Wolverine and others. It's cool, and really the only reason to give a shit about this book or miniseries. 


Also, Iban Coello did a hell of a job and he can't even get his name listed on Marvel's website for the series and first issue. His Eddie/Venom was exactly what it's supposed to be, insanely viscous and mysterious. Loved the art, and seeing characters like Cap, Rocket, Strange and Spider-Man in full Venom get-up with Eddie in the room. 

Rating: 5/10 symbiote infections to the rectum. 

Look, we're all comic book fans here so let's not kid ourselves. Buy this book to see some of your characters in a new, unique form but then forget about buying #2. I'm sorry, Marvel, this is the same answer you keep throwing at the wall. There are some badass panels and a killer splash page that might make this worth $3.99.