Comic Review: Weapon Lost #1

After the Hunt for Wolverine one-shot came out, I was absolutely on board with the whole ‘Search for Wolverine’ series – that debut issue was beautifully written and rendered, giving updated glimpses of some of Wolverine’s deadliest foes and closest friends. Using Kitty Pryde as a narrator was a wonderful touch, and the glimpses of a resurrected and slightly unhinged Logan at the end made me clamor for more.

Now, after reading Weapon Lost #1, I have almost no interest in the rest of this series.

This book, written by Charles Soule and art by Matteo Buffagni &  Jim Charalampidis, started as an interesting premise: How would Daredevil track down one of the most difficult to track people in the world? Well, the answer is, “Obviously recruit more people.” Yes, I understand that trying to decrypt a potentially global mystery would absolutely require a host of super-folks, part of me was hoping this would be a pared-down job from Daredevil and Misty Knight. And yet suddenly there was Frank McGee and Cypher.

And not a single Wolverine to be found in the book.

EEEEEAAAAARRRRRSSSS ( courtesy of Marvel Comics )

EEEEEAAAAARRRRRSSSS (courtesy of Marvel Comics)

The art by Buffagni is pretty damn good, save from how he draws the wrong flashback OG Wolverine suit and how Daredevil’s ears are visible on his cowl. And Charalampidis renders the grimy parts of New York with wicked glee…and felt the need to color flashback OG Wolverine suit as a more recent one, and just color Murdock’s totally visible ears red. This constantly bugged me, and maybe I’m a jerk for not letting go… but once you notice Shannon Doherty’s eyes aren’t aligned soon it becomes all you see.

Anyway, Cypher is really strangely portrayed – Misty explains how his powers have taken control of his mind when it’s NEVER been an issue for Doug Ramsey (including recent appearances in Peter Davi’s absolutely underrated X-Factor). Also, a couple flying vehicles show up.

And again, no snapshots of OG Wolverine. No hints. Just choosing a cool team that makes sense and could get to the end of this mini being juuuuust a bit closer to finding out what happened to Logan.

This was a really frustrating read, and if this is indicative as to how the rest of these minis will go then I’m just gonna hard pass; this feels like something that’s really going to drag on, especially with the readers already knowing about OG Wolverine having an infinity gem. Will it get better? It might, but I'm not sure how long I'm gonna stick around to wait. 

Although the “Which one?” gag was pretty funny.


5 out of 10 Broody Detective Types