Comic Review: Mister Miracle #8

WARNING: If you are behind on Mister Miracle, this review will contain some fairly vital plot points. So go get caught up and then read this review. Just trying to help. Also, Darkseid is. 


Ok, we get that out of the way? 


I think I might be one of the last members of the Court of Nerds to officially say this in review form but I have said it loudly at many comic shops and in conversations:

Mister Miracle isn't just the best book DC is putting out right now, Mister Miracle is the best comic book out right now. Much like when King and Gerads teamed up on Sheriff of Babylon, there just isn't anything else on the stands like this book. This is a pairing you want to see over and over again, as many times as possible, on as many characters as possible. 


Seriously, think of your LEAST favorite character in comics. Is it Cyclops? I bet it's Cyclops. We would all read a King/Gerads Cyclops book. THAT is how good these two are together. As someone who has hosted radio shows with many different co-hosts, you can always find a way to work with another creative person. However sometimes, something special just clicks and you know you're making magic. I hope Tom and Mitch know that they're pushing out magic once a month but seeing how humble both are? I doubt they would admit it. 


Oh right, review the comic, my bad! 

Mister Miracle #8 is incredible, like all 7 issues before it. Scott and Barda find themselves fighting a war on 2 fronts, 1 being a battle they are accustomed to and the other being parenting an infant. As war rages on all around our happy couple, they attempt to find some sense of normalcy in their home life. 


What I loved most about this issue is how much of myself as a first time Dad I saw in Scott and I would bet first time Moms related a lot to Barda. The fun little thing, following Mitch Gerads on Twitter, is knowing that the poor man is drawing on a lot of personal experience in this issue. Another impressive feather in their already crowded caps, the duo connects with readers while telling a story of galactic struggle and strife. 

FINAL RATING: 10/10 Babies Killed By Batman


Mister Miracle continues to deliver. As soon as you think it's as good as it can be, it gets better. It is among the most fun, original, touching and beautiful books gracing stands and you should be part of it while it happens. 

Darkseid is.