Comic Review: Star Wars Annual #2

This book has an interesting take on neither the hero or the villain. In the book Pash Davane, the female lead in the book, takes aim at the rebellion and Empire as to how they are not so different after all. “Two sides of the same coin full of people that think they’re heroes to their respective cause.” Pash a former engineer on the planet Skoril-Lei has seemed to come to terms with the rebellion and empire ruining her home and industry and making her once respectable career seem more like a janitorial job. She is neither Hero or villain, but has a secret in her home that both parties want.

Not respecting or judging someone for what they have done in situations that they can somewhat not control is in a way selfish. Kelly Thompson really brings out the attitude in Pash, and somewhat showcases the selfishness of her for not knowing why people did what they had to. 

The playful banter between Pash and Leia brings out the true feelings on what is going through the heads of these ladies, with eye rolls and all. Although I thought this book was very well written and the coloring was great, I did have a slight issue with one character.

Chewy was drawn badly even though it was perhaps only a panel or two, it really bothered me. It took nothing away from the story and it may just be me being picky.

This was a fun annual beautifully written and an asset to the ongoing saga between Episodes 4-5 that Marvel and Disney keep putting out. Remember rebellions are built on hope. Don’t forget that. Pash won’t.