Comic Review: SLAM #3

SLAM #3 from writer Pamela Ribon and artist Veronica Fish for Boom's Boom! Box is a book that anyone could enjoy. It's real, it's relatable, it's funny, it's quirky and it's a series worth jumping on for its clear writing and Fish's out-of-this world, fantastic art. 

SLAM follows the lives of women who happen to embark into the world of Roller Derby, but it's the stories outside of the rink that set up the satisfying on the rink ones. 

It's the relationship between Jennifer and Maisie that highlights issue three in adding a new dynamic. These two are going through the off-road portion of their friendship. It's shown at a movie night in an insanely relatable way, and then spilling over onto the rink. 

For anyone who has ever felt themselves become jealous when a friend hangs out with a newer friend of their own, then hang on. You will relate with Jennifer on her sad, lonely night in from the Facebook activity to the negative thoughts. Ribon has done a stellar job in developing characters and stories. 

As for Fish, she has brought this story to life. That lonely, slightly jealous night in with Jennifer doesn't resonate without Fish's attention to body language, character ticks and things like that when alone and confused. 

Like look at this damn panel:

She helped these characters and female relationships become real. While I'm sure women who have done Roller Derby will relate even more with the nirvanic euphoria that Ribon alludes too, this book is for any human. 

Rating 9/10: Pamela Ribon lays out real and relatable characters while Veronica Fish brings them to life. This is one heck of a rewarding, and different, read.